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Not having the option for in-person sessions pushed all of us into unchartered territory. Yet isn’t that exactly what therapy is meant to do? It invites anyone daring to explore to be challenged in order to find out what one is capable of.

Winter months are ordinarily the most difficult mental health time of the year. Cold, short days satisfy only the nocturnal yeti. As human beings, we mostly prefer warmish days, with plenty of sunlight. Humans are also very sociable

About six months ago, our world changed. There were warning signs from China, but most of us did not think that a pandemic could happen here. We were wrong.

Uncertainty is one of the most complex things that we have to deal with. It provokes anxiety. If left unchecked, anxiety can …

Could there be positives to the (terrible) COVID-19 crisis to learn from? It occurred to me, as I strolled the grocery aisles …

The task of working from home can have a downside too. It can encourage isolation, a decrease in healthy routines, and even depression. For these reasons I created a list of five very simple tips that I and my clients have found effective when working from home for better mental wellbeing.

Authorities and medical experts are advising everyone to practice social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing, and by association self-isolation, …

We live in an unusual period of time. Instead of struggling to access the information that we are looking for, we are overwhelmed by informational sources. When responding to an ongoing situation, such as COVID-19, a critical skill is being able to determine the validity of a source.

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