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Corporate Mental Health Services

Tangible programs that make a difference

Assured Psychology, based out of Calgary, provides specialized corporate mental health services. We apply our clinical expertise to supporting healthy cultures of mental well-being for companies. We offer a range of services including supporting high-strain working environments such as the energy (oil & gas) & minerals (mining) sector’s fly-in fly-out (FIFO) camps.
How we support corporate mental health:

  • On-site mental health talks
  • Consultation for corporate mental health initiatives & strategies
  • On-site counselling and assessment services for high-stress work environments including fly-in fly-out camps, mines, & others
  • Crisis response counselling on-site in Calgary or FIFO settings
  • Personalized corporate mental health training programs for teams

Other services to be considered upon request.

Why Assured Psychology

How We Differ:

We believe in making a difference by focusing on front-line interventions to populations that are often under high stress but typically have low engagement in traditional Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) for mental health. While up-stream corporate mental health interventions are important, we believe that on-the-ground interventions for front-line staff are equally so. We have found that workers often want on-site accessible care and this builds corporate trust and well-being. Led by a clinical psychologist, we focus on tangibly improving mental health, company culture, & increased accessibility. Our goal is to work with companies to offer workers the barrier-free help they need, when and where they need it, and in conjunction with existing EAP plans.

Why do we need on-site counselling services if we have an EAP?

While EAP programs are important for overall staff well-being, they typically demonstrate low utilization rates when it comes to mental health services. Our on-site and corporate services are designed to work in conjunction with existing EAP systems, acting as both a stand-out service for staff and a funnel to better support EAP usage. By offering specialized clinical mental health services for staff on site, at work, we help:

Past Corporate Mental Health Partnerships

We have years of experience supporting corporate mental health with front-line initiatives. Past partnerships include:

How Do We Get Started?

Contact us here via phone or email to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to helping support your corporate mental health and safety goals. 

Useful Information about Corporate Mental Health Services:



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