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Relationships are crucial to our personal happiness and wellbeing. In fact Harvard released a study a few years ago demonstrating they are one of the most important elements that influence not only our wellbeing but our mortality. While this was an incredible finding, most of us intuitively relationships matter. It’s the lived experience of life; when our relationships are good, we feel good.

A man should show tenderness and vulnerability as well as strength; show modesty and humility as well as confidence; express himself openly and honestly without resorting to violence; strive to acknowledge and understand his emotions rather than pretending that they do not exist; utilize his understanding of his emotions so as to not allow those emotions to rule over him.

Beginning counseling in Calgary can be a daunting and confusing process. I have been a therapist for 19 years, and I still find it surprisingly difficult when it comes time to choose a new therapist for myself personally.

I pride myself on using humour wherever possible in therapy. It can be a tenuous balance at times and; it is not always the easiest road to take given some of the painful and personal topics people bring into the room.

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