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Counselling and Assessment services for individuals, couples, and families.

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Welcome to Assured Psychology.

Supporting positive Mental Health is our mission. We do this by providing warm, quality psychological counselling and assessment services for individuals, couples, families & corporations.

We are located in the Kensington area of Calgary, Alberta as well as offer online services for Alberta, Yukon, Nunavut, and Nova Scotia.

Couple Taking Psychological Counselling

Getting Started Can be Hard. We Know It's Not Easy.

You may be…

Not Sure if Therapy is for You?

Will therapy really help me? Is it worth the time, effort & cost? Or is it just for people who are unwell? 

Therapy is for everyone! Often the earlier you start the better. We offer free consultation calls to help you answer these questions.

Struggling to Find the Right Therapist?

We hear you. Finding the right therapist can be challenging. With our unique and experienced team, we are confident that you will find someone to fit your needs. Take a look at our therapists pages or contact us to help you find the right fit for you.

Nervous about Starting the Process?

Starting anything new can be intimidating, especially therapy. We focus on making it an easy and comfortable experience for you right from the start. You should feel supported and cared for throughout the process. 

How we Help:


Counselling is more than just talking; it is a transformative journey of internal change. Whether you are an adult, teen, or youth we provide a compassionate pathway to emotional well-being, supporting individuals, couples, teens & families through various life challenges.

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Couples Counselling
Couples Counselling

Couples & Family Counselling

Couples Counselling is a relationship-changing experience aimed at deepening connections & resolving conflict. Journey towards a more fulfilling relationship, with better understanding & communication.

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ADHD Assessment

ADHD Assessment

Understanding and treating ADHD is a crucial tool in improving functioning in the lives of children and adults. Our ADHD assessment services offer in-depth analysis for accurate diagnosis and personalized care plans.

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Psychoeducational Assessments

Psychoeducational Assessments

Psychoeducational assessments are a pivotal tool for understanding and addressing learning difficulties. These assessments provide a detailed evaluation of an individual’s psychological state and unique challenges, offering critical insights for effective treatment and support.

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Feel good about the process & have a positive experience.

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."

-Marcel Proust

You are not alone, we’re here to help.


Helping manage & address feelings of anxiety, dread, & chronic fear through techniques, learnings, & strategies, aimed at reducing anxiety & improving overall quality of life.



Supportive therapy to address feelings of depression, worthlessness & despair. A focus on helping relieve the terrible weight of depression while exploring underlying causes.


Identifying & addressing the sources of stress both internally & externally in your life. Treatment & strategies to assist you in managing stress for better well-being & life balance.

Relationship Issues

Relationships are hard. Improving communication, better understanding relationship dynamics, & resolving conflict are our goals. Helping individuals & couples build stronger, healthier relationships is important to us!

Trauma & Difficult Events
Trauma & Difficult Events


Supporting those who have overwhelming events in their lives. We help gently process these past or current experiences & work towards healing & recovery, be it from what happened or what didn’t.

Personal Growth

Many clients use therapy to help with growth & change, outside of immediate crisis. We guide clients towards personal & unique growth through this therapy.

Life Transitions & Grief
Warm, Client-Centered Care


Grief is a difficult yet inevitable part of life. We help people move through the grieving process in a healthy way. Whether that be for someone you loved, a past relationship or another form of loss.

Addiction Counselling
Addiction Counselling

Substance Abuse

Working through the holds of an dependencies or substance abuse is hard to do alone. Our team of experienced counsellors support individuals with their goals with a best-practice, clinical approach.

Career Counselling

Roughly one third of your life is spent working. You should feel good about your career. Our career counselling uses interviews & tests to determine the best next steps for you.

Eating Disorders & Other Concerns

Our team shares years of experience in treating various disorders. While it is not possible to summarize this fully, eating disorders & OCD are additional areas of specialty addressed by our team. 

The Assured Psychology Way

Life can be overwhelming. Whether you are facing challenges, creating change, or looking to grow, we’re here to help. Through our compassionate, knowledgeable services we help you achieve your goals.

Our team of experienced therapists specialize in a wide range of areas, including anxiety, depression, trauma, couples therapy, relationship issues, stress management, personal growth, career counselling, substance abuse, grief & more.

It is important to us that you experience a safe, supportive environment to grow and heal. Our counselling and assessment services are available in-person and online for residents of Alberta, Yukon, Nunavut and Nova Scotia. Our goal is to provide you with accessible & meaningful support to improve your well-being.

Your journey towards a happier, healthier life matters. We are here to help you on along your journey. Everyone should get to feel good about themselves & their lives.

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Why Assured Psychology

Proudly caring for people since 2016

Assured Psychology first opened its doors in 2016. Since then we have proudly supported thousands of people on their path to better mental health, emotional stability & relationship well-being. While we have been fortunate to have helped many, each client’s journey is unique & important. 

Through years of clinical experience, we have developed a compassionate & insightful way to treat mental health concerns, trauma, chronic pain, general discontent, personal growth, & relationship issues. We work with depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, relationship challenges, substance abuse, eating disorders, OCD, grief, personal growth, & other issues. Clients frequently report our approach to be engaging and supportive. 

At Assured Psychology, our goal is to help you, your past, and your relationships heal and prosper. We do this in a compassionate, warm, knowledgeable way that works.

We proudly and consistently deliver warm & knowledgeable psychological services that foster change in lives, whether it be through counselling, assessment, or corporate services.

Shaking Hand

At Assured Psychology, we believe in supporting not only our Calgary and online clients, but our community as well. One meal is donated to the Calgary Drop-In Centre with each appointment. To date, we have donated over 15,000 meals to help feed & care for those in need.

Assured Psychology Proudly Sponsors

Frequently Asked Questions

The length of counselling is different for each person. Everyone has unique circumstances, barriers and other factors that can influence how long it may take. We suggest you plan for 7-10 sessions, to give your goals a real chance. Some people need more, some people need less. The process is tailored to your needs.

Simply Book Online with the therapist of your choosing, or contact us at any time & our team can help you find the right fit for you.

Employee benefit programs, insurance programs, or extended medical plans may cover services either in part or whole. You may want to approach your coverage program directly. A receipt will be issued to you following each appointment that can be submitted for reimbursement. Psychology services qualify as a tax-deductible medical expense for tax purposes.

We offer direct billing to several insurance providers. See below for more information.

Yes we do! We offer both in-person & tele-health appointments to those in Alberta. 

We also offer tele-health appointments for those in Yukon, Nunavut & Nova Scotia.

Additionally, some of our therapists offer online services for those in British Columbia.

Yes, of course! All people need to feel happy, loved, attached & valued, regardless of their gender or sexual preference. We value all people regardless of differences. This includes differences in race, sexual identity, gender, ethnicity, ability, culture or any other factor.

Our fees follow the recommended rates by the Psychological Association of Alberta.

Yes we do for many insurance providers. We currently offer direct billing for:

  • Alberta Blue Cross
  • GreenShield
  • Canada Life
  • Desjardins
  • First Canadian
  • Johnston Group
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • And possible others, ask at time of booking

We work with adults, teens, & youth over the age of 8. For children younger than 14 that we suggest contacting our clinic so we can ensure we align you with the appropriate therapist.

Don’t see your question here? Check out our FAQ page

Are you unsure of how to proceed? Still have questions? We offer free, no obligation phone consultations for just this reason.

Clients frequently report:

Better Emotional Regulation

Noticing, understanding & managing feelings like anxiety, depression, overwhelm, & fear better.

Closer Relationships

Feeling more connected to the people in their lives including their partners.

Stress Reduction

Feeling more equipped to handle life’s challenges with greater emotional resiliency

Dealing with the Past

Finally getting to lighten the load of the heavy past that you have had to carry for so long.

Clarity around Difficult Life Choices

Be it career changes, ending a relationship, being vulnerable, or setting boundaries, we help clients gain a clearer path forward.

Or call us at  (403) 910-7677

Badger and Turtle Face the Storm:

A book that helps families connect

Badger and Turtle Face the Storm follows a pair of friends who learn to work together under stress. This book is meant for not only children to enjoy, but also a tool for families to better understand a common, hurtful pattern that can occur, particularly between parents. By better understanding this pattern, you can more easily change it, resulting in a positive impact on the home environment.

Author: Daniel McMillan M.Ed., R.Psych, 
Assured Psychology Owner and Clinic Director

"And the day came... when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

-Anais Nin