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Virginia Sherban

MSW. Reg. Social Worker

Counselling Adults, Couples, Families & Teens
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Virginia Sherban

It is always my goal to provide a safe, warm, caring and non-judgemental space where I hope to support people to find the answers that they are seeking to take the next step towards happier, more connected and peaceful lives. Although I use different therapeutic modalities to meet individual needs, my work is always trauma sensitive, strength based, and collaborative.

Virginia Sherban, MSW. Reg. Social Worker

Social Worker

Since 2005 I have been working as a counsellor in different capacities starting in crisis, community based, and supportive roles; and later moving onto more therapeutic roles in Mental Health with Alberta Health Services. I have worked with individuals, couples, and families of all ages and all backgrounds, and I feel honored and humbled when people invite me to participate and support them during times of their lives that are vulnerable and difficult. I speak Spanish fluently, and would be happy to offer sessions in that language if needed (or preferred).

I am originally from South America and have lived in Calgary on and off since 1987. I have had the privilege of having lived in other countries in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, and experiencing the richness found in people’s cultural diversity.

I have also been blessed to come from a large, close and complex family and to be a part of my own family with three (now adult) children of whom I am extremely proud. Personally and in my work, I am constantly reminded of our humanity and all the things we have in common, as well as how much we need connection with others in our lives. I love people and I love nature in all its forms. I spend my spare time visiting family and friends, travelling and enjoying nature as much as I can.

I never cease to be amazed at the strength and resilience healthy relationships bring into people’s lives and my passion and the focus of my ongoing learning continues to be supporting people resolve relational concerns and experience the strength, peace and well-being it may bring to their lives.

Virginia Sherban