Assured Psychology | Calgary, Alberta

Megan Luther (she/her)

Registered Provisional Psychologist MACP, BCOMM

Counselling Teens, Adults and Couples

Specialty Areas:

My approach is trauma-informed and rooted in a keen understanding of emotion-focused therapy. This widely respected attachment-based theory supports clients in identifying unhelpful patterns in relationships and enhancing emotional bonds. I use Somatic Experiencing and Polyvagal techniques, along with Internal Family Systems Theory, to help clients understand and link what is happening in their bodies with their thoughts, emotions, and behaviours and make effective and supportive changes in their lives.

Megan Luther, MACP, BCOMM

Registered Provisional Psychologist

I am grateful to spend time in therapeutic conversations with courageous people who are reflectively navigating life transitions, mental and physical illness experiences, and the many complexities of life and relationships. I believe that healing happens in relationships and that our relationship with self and others is what matters most in life. I create an open and relational space where individuals and couples can be authentic and feel understood and seen. Love and relationships are journeys full of ups and downs and twists and turns, and I believe all relationships can benefit from some compassionate support and non-judgemental guidance along the way. I hope those I am privileged to work with will experience renewed intimate and committed relationships of the highest quality. My passion lies in supporting individuals and couples during significant life transitions. I am particularly dedicated to those experiencing the perinatal evolution into parenthood and family life, difficulties of grief, loss, and trauma, and those seeking a sense of meaning and purpose. I recognize the vulnerability inherent in these tender and challenging experiences and the strength it takes to seek professional support. I aim to help my clients experience self-compassion, symptom reduction, and the meaning-making required for healthy self-care and functioning. I am a Registered Provisional Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists. I have a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (MACP) and have completed Clinical Specializations in Grief Counselling, Bereavement Counselling, and Trauma Counselling. I have a Bachelor Of Commerce Degree in Finance and worked in corporate strategy consulting for eight years, where I focused on industrial and organizational psychology at a large international firm. I am also a certified yoga and meditation guide with over ten years of guiding practices and leading workshops and retreats. I teach trainings in mindfulness specialties and alternative healing modalities that center on core belief systems and thought processes. Through my studies, I have focused on new models of therapeutic practice such as Integrative Trauma Treatment, Trauma-Centred Psychotherapy, Structural Dissociative Therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Somatic Experiencing, and Polyvagal Techniques to customize treatment plans unique to each client’s individual goals. I work collaboratively to support blending bodywork within my therapeutic offering to help clients become aware of and understand what is happening in their bodies and connect their thoughts, emotions, and behaviours.