Assured Psychology | Calgary, Alberta

Konstantinos Chondros

PhD, Registered Psychologist

Counselling Adults, Teens, Families, and Couples
Specialty Areas:
Konstantinos Chondros

My ultimate goal is to help clients live happy, authentic lives in ways that highlight their wisdom, resourcefulness, agency, sense of autonomy, as well as connection to themselves and other people.

Konstantinos Chondros, PhD

Registered Psychologist

At times, life gets messy and relationships seem too complex to navigate, leaving us feeling stuck and unhappy. That is when counselling can help disentangle the mess by bringing clarity and opening up for us new possibilities of living more meaningful, satisfying lives.

In my work, I always strive to separate clients from their problems, normalizing their concerns and validating their experiences. Guided by the principles of socially just and anti-oppressive practice, I focus on supporting clients to question and resist socially/culturally sanctioned beliefs dictating how we are supposed to feel, what is ethical behaviour, how we should manage our discomfort, as well as habits and ways of being that are taken for granted but do not serve our needs anymore. My emphasis is on helping clients rewrite their life stories through the lenses of hope, courage, strength, and (self-)determination.

Professionally, I have experience helping people address a range of concerns through my work in post-secondary counselling centres and family therapy. In addition, I have specialized training and a strong interest in addressing sexuality-related and sexual health concerns. In terms of my theoretical orientation to practice, I privilege postmodern therapies, such as narrative and solution-focused therapy, and I integrate elements from numerous other approaches that I have trained in, such as cognitive-behavioural therapy, emotion-focused therapy, person-centred therapy, and family systems therapy. Furthermore, I identify as a trauma-informed practitioner, and I always bring an attitude of cultural humility in my work. I am hoping that prospective clients will experience me as open, easygoing, warm, non-judgmental, empathic, having a good sense of humour, honest, transparent, collaborative, and knowledgeable.

I identify as a queer therapist who celebrates gender and sexual diversity, and my pronouns are he/they.

I offer my services in English and Greek.